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We propose you a program of 4 days around our establishment that you will be able to arrange according to the time which you have during a weekend or your holidays.
(duration of the viste)

Day 1

  • Martel , beautiful old town with a very nice steam tourist train along the valley of the Dordogne. (1h)
  • Padirac : chasm of padirac (2h)
  • Rocamadour : The sacred city is clinging to the cliff in a superposition of houses and chapels. (2h) and near the eagle rock and the forest of monkeys. (2h)
  • Autoire : a charming village located in a natural circus   with a waterfall to discover after 15 min walking in the woods (1h30)

Day 2

  • Domme:important medieval village of Périgord Noir offering a breathtaking view of the Dordogne Valley +
For gourmands, a very famous glacier is next to the belvedere.
  • Sarlat: The inevitable city in Périgord Noir (2h)
  • La Roque Gageac: village on the cliff at the edge of the Dordogne with the opportunity to take a tour in Gabarde to admire the vilage of the Dordogne (1h)

Day 3

  • Turenne: a city all in height with a very beautiful Castle to visit (1h30)
  • Collonges La Rouge: village with only red stone houses (1h30)
  • Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne a small village of fishermen and breeders, on a meander of the Dordogne. (1h)

Day 4

  • Cave of Lascaux(2h) Lascaux
  • Gardens of the Eyrignac Manor (1h30)
  • Donzenac Traps of Travassac : single slate quarry in Europe (1h)
We strongly recommend that you take your tickets online for Padirac and Lascaux in order to be sure to have a ticket on the desired date and time.

additional suggestions:
Canoe trip on the Dordogne to admire the most beautiful villages in our region with another look.
intrenet site: canoes-dordogne